Fork in the Road Productions


Freelance videographer with fresh and innovative ideas for promotional videos and media content



SUZANNAH JEAN MULLEN has filled various roles in the production and entertainment industries. She has worked as an independent video producer and editor under her own company, Fork in the Road Productions, since 2010, producing promotional videos for organizations such as the University of Vermont Career Services Center, Casale Meditation Center, the Baltimore SPCA, Union Craft Brewery, Rootbranch Productions, and more. She has also created social media content, articles, op-eds, blogs, and promotional events for private clients.

She worked as a line producer for N+N Films to help produce the award winner videos for the 2015 Council of Fashion Designer Awards.

She was a production coordinator for “A Call to Peace,” the televised event where Pope Francis addressed religious leaders at the 9/11 Memorial Museum during his first visit to New York City. She was a production assistant for major commercial television programs such as Lip Sync Battle, Celebrity Apprentice Season 14, and the Last Laugh.

Her screenplay, “Hamburg,” made the second round readings for the 2014 Academy Nichol Fellowship screenplay competition.